Are You Looking To Have Commerical HVAC Installation Done? Learn What Factors Affect The Price For Your Installation

10 March 2017
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If you own a commercial building, you may be looking to have commercial HVAC installation done. Unlike in a home, an HVAC unit in a commercial building may be responsible for heating or cooling multiple spaces or floors. As such, the machine is larger and there are many more ducts and vents through which the air travels. If you have never had this process done before, you may be unsure what factors affect the price of your installation job. Here are a few of the factors that will affect the price you will pay for commercial HVAC installation.

Piping and Ductwork

One of the factors that affects the price you will pay for installing an HVAC system in your commercial building is the piping and ductwork. Once an HVAC produces hot or cold air, it travels through piping and ductwork to the vents in your building. It then flows out of the vents into the exposed space, helping to heat or cool the rooms that are used. However, you may or may not already have ductwork and piping in place. If this is your first time ever having an HVAC unit installed, you may need ductwork added. Additionally, if your existing ductwork or piping is in poor condition, it may need to be replaced. Both of these can increase the cost you are quoted for installation.

HVAC Transportation

Another factor that can drastically affect the price you pay for commercial HVAC installation is how the HVAC is transported into the place it will be installed. Some HVAC units are installed on the roofs of commercial buildings. If this is the case for yours, a crane may need to be rented to get the HVAC in place. Other times, the HVAC may be placed outside of the building. Once again, a crew may need to be hired for an hour to move the HVAC into place. Where the HVAC is going and how it will be transported there can affect the price of your install.


The last factor that will affect the price of your commercial HVAC installation is the controls. An HVAC company will not only install your new HVAC system, but the controls for the system as well. Some commercial HVAC systems are designed so that one control controls the temperature of the entire building. Other systems are designed so that spaces can be individually controlled, such as one building with multiple office spaces. Installing all of these control panels or thermostats takes time, which increases your labor and installation costs.

Commercial HVAC installation costs vary widely from building to building. Learning what factors affect cost will help you to understand why and understand why you may be quoted more or less than another commercial building is quoted. For more information, contact companies like R & R Heating & Cooling of Polk CO Inc.