Why Does Your Food Keep Spoiling?

19 November 2017
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It's frustrating to come back to your fridge ready to cook up some chicken, only to find that it smells off. Sometimes, a fridge doesn't quite keep foods fresh until their expected expiration date. When you find that repeatedly happening to you, you might want to look into these possible causes. 

Are You Shutting the Door Correctly?

This is one of the simplest possible explanations you could hope for. The door might not shut for a few reasons. Maybe there is food debris on the door seal so that it doesn't get a very good seal anymore. Maybe the door seal is too old. The rubber material tends to shrink after years of use, making it less efficient as a seal. Either way, replacing the seal will be a really simple fix to your refrigeration repair issues. 

Is the Temperature Correct for the Volume of Food?

There are two issues at play here. One is the volume of food, and whether that fluctuates. Your refrigerator cools best when it is not packed full. Air is easier to cool than, say, milk, so your refrigerator has to work double time when most of the volume inside of it is taken up by food. 

The other issue is whether your fridge has gotten more full recently. Maybe it was cooling just fine before, but now that you added another person to the household, you need to turn it up a notch. 

That brings the discussion to the last simple thing you can control: the temperature. Try turning up your fridge a notch and see if the problem is corrected. If the temperature setting is already on its coldest, that is an indicator of the following problem. 

Are there Internal Issues? 

No fridge will last forever without some help from a refrigerator repair team. Something may be wrong with the cooling apparatus, for instance. Perhaps the condenser coils are dirty or broken. Maybe the fridge needs more freon. Maybe the temperature sensor in the fridge is just broken. These problems are hard for a layman to determine, but they are easy for your fridge repair team to take a look at. What is better yet is that catching these problems before the fridge gives out completely may save you hundreds of dollars in the long run by extending the lifespan of your current fridge. If a simple fix doesn't work, don't let it go; call a refrigerator repair team.