Three Tips To Care For Your Washing Machine

19 March 2018
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It is likely that your home's washing machine is one of the most expensive and important appliances that you own. Unfortunately, it is also likely that you have a limited understanding of the type of preventative care that your washing machine will require if it is to be kept in good condition.

Reduce The Hardness Of Your Water

The hardness of the water that flows into your washing machine can be a major factor in determining its longevity and likelihood of encountering problems. When a home is unfortunate enough to suffer from hard water, the washing machine may start to develop damaging mineral deposits. In order to reduce the hardness of your home's water, you will need to install a water softener that can remove the excess minerals from the water. This can be an investment that protects the rest of the plumbing and appliances in the home, in addition to the washing machine. This can make it an investment that is well worth the disruptions of installing it and the costs of purchasing it.

Balance The Machine If It Starts Rocking

When a washing machine is not properly balanced, it can start to rock while it is in use. This may not seem like a serious issue but the extreme weight from the rocking can cause the floors to crack. Furthermore, the rocking can cause the washing machine's wiring and connection to a power source to start to loosen. Due to these potential risks, you should make sure that you balance the clothes in the washing machine whenever you hear it start to rock back and forth. If adjusting the distribution of the clothes fails to stop the rocking, you may want to contact an appliance repair service. These professionals will be able to balance the washing machine's motor, which should alleviate or completely stop this problem from occurring.

Keep The Exterior Clean

Cleaning the exterior of the washing machine may seem like it is an insignificant part of maintaining these appliances. However, if the exterior of the washing machine is allowed to become excessively dirty, there are many different ways that it can be damaged. These substances can gradually wear away the protective coating that keeps the washing machine's exterior from rusting. As a result, you should make it a point to wipe down the exterior of the washing machine every week or so. During this step avoid using harsh cleaning agents as they are likely unnecessary and can compromise its finish. Rather, a slightly moist towel will be perfect for doing this work.

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